We love to approach different flavors to create new tasty balances between inventiveness and tradition

Restaurant “I due Angeli”

The elegant and welcoming “I Due Angeli” Restaurant offers tastings of the traditional and regional flavors according to the modern culinary techniques and in a harmony with quality local raw materials


Gustosi equilibri

The “I Due Angeli” Restaurant offers a wide range of revisited typical dishes in order to promote and to enhance local high quality raw materials and Territory.
The availability on demand of our Guest will take in an exclusive travel through Mediterranean and International flavors.
The presentation, the experience and the attention to the detail will surprise the guest.
Thanks to the special and carefully Service, the supper in “I Due ANgeli” Restaurant it’s going to be a very unique sensory experience.

Tastes and Excellences of our territory

All our proposals are based on the high quality use of ingredients and food, closely linked to our territory and its traditional excellences: the Salami Ciauscolo, for example, is a particular kind of Salami that already existed in the Ancient Rome, or the Risina of Spello, which is a rare and ancient typical legume not so far from the chef’s kitchens. Finally, the pure Saffron of Cascia, true treasure of the center Italy and the Trout of Sefro, which it’s only a few kilometers raised from Borgo Lanciano.
All our excellences wait to be claimed! Our enogastronomic culture will surprise and will conquer you!

Loc. Lanciano, 5 62022 Castelraimondo MC | Italy +39 0737.642844 info@borgolanciano.it
Lunch: 12:30 – 15:00 Dinner: 19:30 – 22:00

Restaurant "I due Angeli"

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