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Wellness relais in Marche

“I went to Lanciano, near Castelraimondo, by chance (or maybe chance does not exist?): just a few ruined rural houses. I immediately fell in love with it and saw the dream! Nobody gave credit to a utopia and I could remember the words of my master Adriano Olivetti, whose school I trained at: the term u t o p i a is the most convenient way to brush off what you have no desire, ability or courage to do. A dream remains a dream until you start somewhere: only then does it become a goal, that is, something infinitely bigger”
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Let yourself be struck.
The resort stands on a sandstone slab that floats on one of the sources of the Potenza river. This feature makes it unique and gives an indescribable feeling to those who are so sensitive as to grasp its essence.

But it is not just a suggestion.
Following the reports of therapeutic effects received from our guests, in 2014 the CNR (National Research Council) reached scientific evidence.

“All the parameters measured in terms of physical agents such as natural radioactivity, terrestrial magnetic field, low-frequency electric and magnetic field and radiofrequency electromagnetic field were below the standard expected to be found in productive settlements today.
Particularly relevant is the fact that both the low-frequency electric and magnetic field and in particular the radiofrequency electromagnetic field are at the background level. These low values ​​are due to the absence of power lines and radio-base repeaters in the area subject to our study, thus showing an energetically clean environment that is hard to find today.

Added to the energetic purity of the external environment is the geomagnetic purity, as indicated by the values ​​of the terrestrial magnetic field showing homogeneity in intensity and direction in the various points analyzed.”


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"Nice very nice"

Near Camerino this relais is a Good place in the country. Good service an indoro pool, spa service and a Good cousine are the Best you can find near there. the rooms are big and you find all confort. ...

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