In the heart of Marche Region,
between green hills and under a
starry sky and ancient fortresses


Il Relais Borgo Lanciano è situato lungo il corso del Fiume Potenza, che nasce proprio vicino al Borgo a Fiuminata nel Monte Pennino.

Nella Valle del Potenza sorgono Borghi incantevoli, come San Severino Marche, Camerino, Matelica, Pioraco. Ogni paese racchiude i suoi segreti e particolarità. Lasciatevi trasportare dal gusto del viaggio e dalla curiosità della scoperta, dal fascino del territorio che circonda Borgo Lanciano.



In the middle of Alte Valli del Potenza and the Chienti hills, this territory offers a variegated landscape dominated by the nature of the natural Parks, all to discover. The History of the splendid Borghi, the magic Castles near them, rich of art and history. Typical products and enogastronomic traditions, all to be tasted. And finally, many activities to practice, all on hand.

The Natural Parks

The National Park of the Sibylline Mountains is exactly in the heart of Italy, where the visitor is not only surprised for its immense natural patrimony, but also for the magic, the mystery and numerous tied up legends to the Cave of the Sibilla and the Lake of Husked.

The Regional Park of the Throat of the Redhead is also known as “the green Heart of the Brands”: it will never finish leaving without breath whoever you visit him/it. Over 10 thousand hectares of flora and fauna that serve as hull to the Throat and the underlying Caves of Frasassi, among the greatest, fascinating and stately Caves in Europe. Canoe, kayak, rafting, free flight, speleology are only some of the practiced sports inside the great naturalistic regional patrimony; the nature also offers ample spaces to the cicloturism

Ancient Bourgs and Castles: art, culture and traditions

The rich regional hinterland is studded of prestigious recognitions as the Orange Flags (“Bandiere Arancioni”), the Authentic Bourgs and the Green Flags: among these Offida, Offagna, Sarnano, Treia and many others. But also the greatest centers as Fabriano, Tolentino, St. Severino Marche have their history to discover. The Camerino’s area isrich of castles, fortitudes, fortresses, going up again to the period from 1200 to 1700: all of these castles are the main work of the Family Varano: the Lanciano Castle, 600 meters away from Borgo Lanciano, is surrounded by a secular park of great suggestion, with which make the intersection of Borgo Lanciano’s history.

Spirituality and Faith

Temples, Abbeys and Pilgrims Earth of Saints, of Popes, of abbeys, monasteries and hermitages. The itineraries of the faith in the Brands follow three principal road aces, where abbeys, Franciscan hermitages and sanctuaries are signalled. Among these, inserted in the spectacular scenery of the Throat of Frasassi, going up again a path, the elegant Temple of the Valadier is reached, while the suggestive Sanctuary of Macereto is found in the National Park of the Sibylline mountains.

Archaeology, Lyric and Theater

Marche Region enjoys of a Museum Net imposing, rich of masterpieces and unique finds: the Region decidedly preserves numerous and important testimonies of Roman epoch and others more ancient. Archaeological II Parco of Urbs Salvia (Mc) is surely the more main point and spectacular of the region. The Brands, the Theaters and the Lyric are considered a binomial indissoluble. The lyric tradition in the Brands is alive thanks to the Festivalses: among the most important the Rossini Opera Festival and the Sferisterio Opera Festival, united to the lyric Seasons of some of the greatest theaters of the region.

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