Fascinating history that to travel with the Mind,
but still more fascinating that to travel in love…
among Style, Charm and Quality

Borgo Lanciano Wedding Style

…Stars that they Perfume of History, the art of the united hospitality to the beauty of an Enchanting Suburb Medioevale, a Spellbound Place, a Refined Style and an elevated Professionalism in the Simplicity of the Perfection…
Our venue is one of the most exclusive wedding location in Italy and it’s located in Le Marche region. We will ensure your special day to be unique and unbelievable, playing attention to every single detail.

Why getting married at Borgo Lanciano

Wedding Style


Concept director: Stefano Pinto


From the selection of food and drink staging of the mise en place, from set design to furniture, from music to special effects, everything is carefully tuned according to a contemporary concept of style, elegance and precision, on time and places which connatura all.


This presupposes yes a strong organizational skills but also sensitivity and propensity for more total and maximum customization.


Our experience, passion for the realization of dreams and the search for details, make that expertise and listen to enter even more in the impassioned different skills enclosing professionalism and a freshness in the already widely popular choices of spouses who rely on Borgo Lanciano


We want to know and grasp a simple chat, tastes of the couple, the character and guidelines, indispensable elements in creating the magic that they expect for their wedding reception.


Monica, Head Wedding, puts into every wedding reception with the same clarity of a skilled problem solver.


Borgo Lanciano boasts the unique collaboration as an Artistic Director of one of the most famous wedding planner National, Stefano Pinto, director and creator of exclusive weddings; making available to the village all his artistic charm, his class, elegance and style that has always set it apart.


Every moment is managed under their close supervision because everything runs smoothly and without surprises, leaving the bride and groom only the beautiful emotions.

The exclusive

Our exclusive wedding location in Italy is reserved for a single customer per day, regardless of that the reception is carried out
lunch or dinner, working in this way, it ensures optimal results in the organization and
event management both by the staff of salt from the kitchen.


Cooking Style: Borgo Lanciano

Borgo Lanciano does not rely on external catering.
La Unica brigade of kitchen, creates traditional and innovative wedding menu to enjoy and live emotions working dishes for meat that pesce.Ogni menu is created not to standardize the most important part of the wedding, the wedding reception.


The religious ceremony

Borgo Lanciano has inside an intimate church consecrated to celebrate the religious service and also very close to the striking Parish of Our Lady of Mount Gagliole


The civil ceremony

Borgo Lanciano is one of the few wedding locations in Italy throughout the country where you can play the official civil ceremony, having been recognized by the City of Castelraimondo as the Town Hall.


The Sala Potenza

The Sala di Borgo Lanciano power can sleep in it, in a single room, up to 300 guests for
offer a high level of service even in harsh weather conditions without adding any costs
Add-on married couple.